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What equipment do I need to take a class?

We provide any and all equipment needed for all classes. We have even been known to send a club home with students so they can learn during the duration of a class.

What is acceptable to wear at the course?

Wear something comfortable. Collared shirts look nice, but are not required. Tennis shoes are also a great option.

At what age do you start group instruction for kids?

This is the hardest question we get on a consistent basis. Our general answer will always center around maturity more than age. If you feel like your child can maintain interest for the duration of the desired class then we are glad to have them participate. Age listings for classes are more of a suggestion and less of a rule.

I don't have PayPal how do I pay?

Paypal is our choice in terms of a credit card processor. Don't let the Paypal button scare you we accept all forms of credit card via PayPal.

I want to register for a class but I don't see it listed.

Registration for classes and lessons will close 6 hours before the start of the class. If you don't see the time ( private lesson) or the class you want to attend on the webpage please contact us to find out availability.

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Week Long Camps

For junior golfers of all skill levels

Our goal is simple. Have fun, create long lasting relationships, enjoy the game of golf, and learn a little about yourself while doing so. Whether it's a beginner or an advanced player, we strive to make every learning experience memorable. We take pride in providing a foundation for our youth to enjoy a game for a lifetime as well as becoming admirable friends. 

Our  camps are for the junior whose interest in golf is either high or growing immensely. While still based on learning the fundamentals through games, our  camps offer golfers a chance to apply skills learned on the course. Providing a platform that makes golf easier and more enjoyable is vital to long term participation and success.

The Program

  • Putting - Discovering YOUR putting stroke

  • Chipping & Pitching - Developing touch

  • Full Swing - Understanding swing dynamics

  • Course Play - Playing golf with a purpose

  • Recovery Shots - Handling adversity

  • Rules & Etiquette - Applying the rules of golf

  • Personal Development - Playing to strengths

  • Character Values - Demonstrating acts of good will

Series One Camp

Answer YES to ANY of the following...

  • Do you like golf, but don't own any clubs?

  • Had fun in other beginner or intermediate golf programs in the past couple of years?

  • Looking to make new friends with other intermediate junior golfers?

Series Two Camp

  • Previous camp experience with a desire to learn more.

  • Can walk and carry or push clubs for 3 to 6 holes.

  • Keep up pace of play on the course

* Snacks and drinks are provided with each camp

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Fun Through Games

Why Junior Golf?

  • Promotes Wellness and Healthy Choices

  • Spend Time with Family

  • Teaches Respect and Etiquette

  • Helps Manage Your Emotions

  • Provides a Safe Place to Play

  • Practice Personal Responsibility

  • Develop Lifelong Relationships

  • Enjoy the Outdoors

  • Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

Fun Through Games classes are designed to help junior golfers fall in love with the game. In addition to building on skills and technique, Fun Through Games classes provides an outlet for kids to cultivate skills through the combination of practice and gameplay. Classes are an hour in length.

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Golf it up

Growing the game of golf is our passion. The Golf It Up 1.0 program is designed for the beginner golfer that has very little to no "on-course" experience. We combine indoor/outdoor group instructional activities with on-course learning experiences that golfers find memorable. The approach we have is very simple for this program...a little practice, a little play, and most importantly making it fun!

Answer YES to ANY of the following...

  • Have no golf experience?

  • Have some experience but need more basic knowledge?

  • Not yet comfortable to play 9 holes with a group of acquaintances?

  • Interested in a fun and new activity?

  • Looking to make new friends with other beginner golfers?

Golf It Up 1.0 is the right program!

The Program

  • Putting - Getting the ball in the hole

  • Chipping & Pitching - Getting it on the green

  • Full Swing - Hitting the ball longer distances 

  • On-Course Practice - Navigating the course

  • Rules & Etiquette - Making it fun and simple

  • Golf Terminology - Learning basic golf lingo

    ♦  6 to 8 hrs of instruction  ♦  Course Play  ♦  $115 -150

6:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

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