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What is Junior League Golf ?

Junior League golf is a fun way to get golfers of all skill levels on the course.

What skills are needed to play in the league?

From a coach's perspective, one of the greatest things about Junior League golf is that golfers with very little experience can participate. Due to the combination of different sets of tee boxes and the use of different formats ( Scramble/ Shamble/ Modified Best Ball) Junior League golf makes it easy for all skill levels to gain access to the sport.

While it's not a requirement, most junior golfers who participated in any of our summer camps are ready to join the league. 

How do I register?

To sign up just scroll down the next section. You have a few choices to make.

1. PGA Fee ( Jersey)

If you want a fall jersey( yes they are different than the spring), then you need to click the appropriate age division for that shirt. You don't have to have a jersey to compete in our league, but we strongly suggest getting the product. Last fall the jerseys were much nicer than in the spring and the swag bags came with a really cool pullover. The fall swag bags will be the same as last fall, so for those who would like to use last season's jerseys or any previous season's jerseys you are free to do so. 

2. Match Option

This season we are offering our normal package that has six matches and five practices or you can choose to just pay for the matches only. 

Why are there two different Sherrill Park fees, and which one should I choose?

As Junior League golf grows our goal is to find the best way for kids to improve. This season we will have some advanced practices starting through our Hawks Junior Academy. We also have a few students that take private lessons throughout the year. In order to accommodate the demands of our students and parents, we wanted to have a match-only fee this season. The vast majority of those playing the league will find the best value in selecting the match and practice option.

When does your Hawks Junior Golf Academy start?

The Hawks Junior Golf Academy will launch in September. Our first run of practices will take place on Tuesday afternoons from 4:45 to 6:00.

What is the format for the league?

The large majority of junior golfers will play in a shotgun start each week at 4:45. Those junior golfers will either play in a scramble or a shamble or a bit of both. 

Scramble ( 4:45 Shotgun Start)

In a scramble, each player hits a tee shot on each hole. The next shot for the group is taken from the best shot for that group. This process is repeated until the ball is holed.

Shamble ( 4:45 Shotgun Start)

In a Shamble, each golfer tees off and the best shot is selected, but from that point, each golfer plays his or her own ball until it is holed out.  

If a golfer is new to the league we strongly suggest the scramble format. Golfers who are looking to challenge themselves can choose to play shamble at any point during the round. You can switch back and forth between the two formats.

Modified Best Ball ( 2:30 tee times)

Golfers who tee off prior to the shotgun will compete in our new modified best ball format. Last season we encouraged this group to play a shamble. This year we want junior golfers to gain the experience of having to play their own ball more often. In the modified best ball golfers can choose to shamble three holes per nine holes played. For all other holes, a golfer must play his or her ball for the duration of the hole. 


PGA Junior League Fall 2021

For junior golfers of all skill levels

Kids will compete in teams and ride in golf carts to play nine-hole matches. Sherrill Park Junior leaguers compete in one of three different formats ( Scramble Shamble, and Modified Best Ball). 

$75 PGA FEE( 13 U) 

  • Includes Jerseys and swag bags from PGA

$75 PGA FEE( 17U) 

  • Includes Jerseys and swag bags from PGA 

$180 Sherrill Park Fee ( Matches Only)

  • 6 matches Starting September 11th at 4:45( Scramble/ Shamble) 2:30 Tee times ( Modified Best Ball)

$240 Sherrill Park Fee (Matches & Practice)

  • 5  one hour practices 

  • Practices either Wednesday's or Thursday's

  • Starting the week of September 8th at 4:45

  • 6 matches Starting September 11th at 4:45