The Competitive Highway
Thanks for taking the time to check out the available options of competition for your Junior Golfer. From Drive, Chip & Putt to 36 hole stroke play events, you will find a wide variety of options available based upon your needs. Please take a look over the roadmap below, and as always if you have any additional questions please check out our FAQ's page. 
Drive,Chip &Putt
Junior League
Team Golf

Drive, Chip & Putt

 This class is designed to get your junior golfer excited about coming to the golf course. We want them to come to mom or dad and ask “can I go to the golf course today?" With the help of, parents and junior golfers start down the Roadmap we call GOLF.


Junior League Golf

Our FUN Through Games sessions are designed for all skill levels of juniors who are looking to for a fun golf learning experience. We use gamification as a way to relate to our youth and make it memorable on-course experience.  


Hawks Team Golf

Our summer camps are for the junior whose interest in golf is either high or growing immensely. While still based on learning the fundamentals through games, our Pioneer camps offer golfers a chance to apply skills learned on the course.

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